The recent ruling of the Philando Castile case has garnished a wide variety of media attention and opinion. The infamous Facebook live video recorded by Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds captured the immediate moments following the shooting that took place on July 6, 2016. The newly released dash cam video shows the initial encounter between Castile … More SOCIAL INJUSTICE AND THE DIGITAL WORLD


I don’t talk much these days, I don’t do much of anything I just keep to myself for the most part. I’ll engage in conversation if its initiated and I’ll talk about current events but that is about it. I thought I was making progress and starting to overcome some of the despair I felt. I … More Weak


Am I like the only person who really feels like I have literally no one to talk too ? I come on here and I vent but I  have to water it down to respect peoples feelings and privacy. Yes I have my girls who I call and tell about the BS my dude did or … More Nobody

Eliminate Negativity

Stumbled across some messages between me and this guy and every time I come across them I get a little teary eyed. No they weren’t heart felt messages nor were they heart breaking, it was a message of realization. I was a firm believer that boys just don’t like me. And I justified their distaste … More Eliminate Negativity


I hate crying , it makes me feel so weak and vulnerable. I try so hard to build myself up especially with my confidence  but it is soooo hard when I feel like every time I turn around I find myself in a situation where I get broken down. Every time i try to just … More WCW


Before I think about approaching a man or him possibly approaching me the thought of if he even likes black women immediately crosses my mind. I can and will argue for both sides of the spectrum but must first describe the type of men I like. Let me start by saying I don’t discriminate. I like … More Bothered


My thoughts are still completely scrambled ! Today I just felt the need to write and I tried to post a status  on Facebook and I got so many things I want to say but I’m afraid of who would read it what people would think and how they would feel. First thing first I’m … More Unsure


School has really been taking a toll on me. It has been a blessing and a curse , it distracts me (for the most part) away from my love/personal life but its also driving my insane. Determine to graduate in May I will do whatever I have to do to succeed, but I also need … More Baeless


My head hurts, I spent the last hour in a complete sulk and I feel like maybe if I write I’ll feel a little bit better.  I was blessed with beautiful women in my life and I live vicariously through them. The beautiful women that I have the pleasure of knowing are always being approached … More DUFF


What is a relationship ? Is it the title ? Actions ? Consistent sex ? When do you go from being  just friends to boyfriend and girlfriend ? At what age do you stop asking someone to be your significant other ? How long should you be in a relationship before marriage is brought up … More Relationships